Trees are an important component of the environment and the surrounding and are cherished for shade, beauty, and other functions. Moreover, they have to be properly cared for in order to boost their health and safety levels. Tree pruning in residential areas is mainly done to define the shape of the tree and remove the undesired branches whereas tree trimming is a more general process.

The Benefits of Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is not only limited to making your trees look good and healthy. It offers a multitude of benefits for both the tree and your property:

  • Improved Health and Structure: Pruning is the process of removing the parts of the tree that are either dead, diseased or even parts that are damaged this way, the remaining healthy branches are able to get more light and this make the tree healthy. It also reduces the chances of spreading diseases and also reduces the risk of branch failure during storm conditions.
  • Enhanced Safety: Some branches might be too big or too small and may lead to causing a lot of damage to property or people nearby the tree. This eliminates the above risks making the world a safer place to live in.
  • Increased Light Penetration: It assists in allowing more light into your home and also to the next garden to increase the attractiveness of the surrounding environment.
  • Improved Air Circulation: These features create a form of venting system in the canopy of the tree to prevent the occurrence of fungal diseases and promote growth.
  • Maintaining Manageable Size: This is useful in controlling the growth of the trees so that they do not end up growing towards the power cables, structures or even paths.

Finding the Right Arborist for Your Tree Trimming Needs

Tree trimming is a very sensitive process that has to be done in the right manner in order to ensure that no harm is caused to the tree or the environment. Here’s how to find a qualified arborist for the job:Here’s how to find a qualified arborist for the job:

  • Certification and Insurance: You should look for a tree surgeon who has the certification from International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Make sure that they have the required insurance cover for the business that includes liability and worker compensation insurance.
  • Experience and Expertise: Make sure that you engage an arborist that has experience in pruning on the type of tree that you have.
  • References and Reviews: Another factor is to check the online reviews and testimonials of previous clients and requesting for references to determine the credibility of the arborist.
  • Free Estimates: Ask for quotations from several arborists and compare the prices as well as the services being offered by each of the arborists.
  • Communication and Safety: When discussing with the arborist, ensure that you tell the arborist the details that you would like the arborist to implement in your tree trimming and the arborist’s plan. Observe the safety measures they undertake when offering the service and when working on the task.


Pruning is another form of management that is frequently employed in the management of trees and as such is central to tree management. To do this one has to ensure that he or she hires an arborist who is in a position to ensure that the trees are trimmed at certain intervals in order to enhance growth of the trees, to ensure that the environment around the trees is safe and to ensure that the trees are in good health in the future. However,tree trimming is not the same as residential tree pruning that is done to enhance the appearance of the tree and its shape. The best approach is to ensure that you schedule routine tree pruning services by a professional tree doctor to ensure that your trees are healthy at all the time as well as improving the aesthetics of your compound.